What 2013 Trends Say about Home Lighting?

Each year comes with new trends even when it comes to home lighting. This year we can see a lot of energy efficient classics with a modern spin. The designs are simple yet chic and they often come with crystal embellishments for a touch of luxury.

Low Energy Consumption

One of the main characteristics of the lights this year is to consume as little energy as possible, but to shine as bright as the other lights. Naturally, the design of the lights isn’t all the same either. It is important for them to have a modern twist.

neo-classical styles

LED Systems

One of the best ways to consume little energy is to have LED systems in our homes. Since there are a lot of design possibilities and the costs are low, more and more people choose to have LED lights in their house. This can also be a way for them to make a statement.

Neo-classical Styles

In case you wish to use lights as a decorative element, you might be interested in the neo-classical styles that offer a special look to your home. You can also use these make a home design statement. Be sure that this is something your neighbor will not have.


When making a decision, the price tag will also have a role to play. Searchilight and Fishermen are becoming more and more popular because of their affordability. You can find other affordable light fixtures at Arrow Electrical. The preferences of people tell us that there is a high demand for simple design with a chic spin.

The Kitchen

It is common this year for people to have a makeover of their kitchen. It is a good idea to add spots under and on the wall units. Another good idea is to have light in recess, which will give the kitchen a dramatic effect and you won’t have to go bankrupt because of them.


Although this year is all about the simple designs, that doesn’t mean that crystal elements won’t make a comeback. The lanterns and chandeliers with crystals are really popular this year because, besides their modern look, they also feel luxurious and they are a proof of good taste.

Although you might want to follow the trends, the most important factor to consider regarding light fixtures is the overall style and feel of your home. If you do so, you simply cannot go wrong.

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