Preparing Your House for the New Year Party

With the New Year drawing near many people consider the best ideas to decorate their home for an awesome party. In case you plan to host a bash you can use some smart and functional ideas to get your place ready for a fun night.


New Year is supposed to arrive in style and a myriad of light make the perfect party decoration for this occasion. Hang strings of lights to the ceiling but make sure you hang them high enough so people won’t bump into them while jumping and dancing.

Preparing Your House for the New Year Party

Empty bottles can serve as a colorful light display. Place Christmas lights inside wine bottles and spread them all over the house for a dramatic lime light effect.

Hang some sparkle

Shinny cardboard cutouts can be hung on a string and placed near the window. These streamers will add to the disco look of the house especially because the lights will reflect into them. They can also add a spin to the decor if you hang them over the cocktail table.

Up with the fun

Party hats, party favors, noise makers but also 2014 tokens can be hanged above the crowd low enough for people to reach them and be able to take them when the moment comes.

Interesting pieces

Citrus centerpieces can make the whole table look classy and clocks placed on the mantelpiece will add to the place a chic, time related touch. You can use candles for a romantic New Year’s Eve dinner or you can simply offer everybody fireworks in case you have many guests. It pays to be original.

Smart snack display

People expect to find large bowls of chips and punch but in case you want to surprise them with champagne glasses painted with 2014 and M&Ms placed in margarita glasses.


Pretty paper rain is always a good idea when it comes to the New Year’s Eve Party. You can confidently choose silver or gold instead of colorful paper cutouts to add a touch of glamour to the moment.


Balloons are always festive and in case you want a bubbly effect you can hang white or champagne balloons to the walls. You can also choose to pile balloons in the corners of the room and let them spread all over. People will enjoy dancing between them.

You can also place somewhere visible ten balloons with numbers from 10 to 1 for the midnight countdown.

Party favors

Nobody says you have to stick the party favors in boxes and paper gift bags. You can offer them in champagne glasses or simply put them on display as midnight snacks. Write something nice on the tag and if you have time write something personal for every guest.


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