Mandarin Oriental And A New Definition In Decorating

There is one hotel in Barcelona, Spain that surely can amaze with its unique design. The hotel is the Mandarin Oriental and its design is already praised as the most lavish in the world. The designer of the hotel is the architect duo Carlos Ferrater and Juan Trias de Bas.

They transformed the old building into a palace of luxury. Their concept was to create something unseen in Europe, so they did it.

The hotel is a nine-storey building and each room is designed in different style. The atrium is made in a unique style and what amazes is its floating catwalk and split-level mezzanine platforms.

The Mediterranean style is obvious, but the architects combined it with Arabian ornaments and French details in the interior design.

The colors are providing a multiplying effect, as they are contrastive and shiny.

The furniture in each room is specially designed, as they are a combination of antique and super modern style.


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