Funky Futon Styles – Part 2

Speaking more about the different kinds of futons and the options of versatility that they offer, here we take a look at some more:

This one has a full size wooden frame with a foam and cotton futon. Another reason why futons can be so versatile is that you can choose the color of the frame in terms of light or dark wood and you can also pick and choose the kind of fabric or upholstery that you require for it.

By buying more than one cover for the futon, you have change and alternate between different colors as per the season, your mood or the other design accents in the room.

This one is a low slung, stylish option for those that like uncluttered lines and the minimalist look. The fact that there are no armrests to impede the comfort of even a tall person means, that you can really stretch out for a comfortable sleep.

Here is another versatile option for those that many need a sofa at times, a lounger at others, and may need for it to fold down into a flat bed at others. You can choose a sober color or a bright one that creates an attractive splash of color in the room.


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