How To Fit A Lot In A Very Small Place?

Decorating small spaces is often difficult, but if you are following the experts’ advices you can actually use every inch of your home.

According to the designers, one of the best ways to save some space in any room is to add mirrors on the walls. This is an amazing way to make any room appear larger. Choose smart furnishings, for they are also saving a space and create a pleasant atmosphere. For instance, go for floating nightstands in your bedroom. They are good, because they have drawers, so you can use them for storage.

home decoration 1

home decoration 2

Ceiling bookshelves are also an answer, because you can use them to store some other items. Removing the doors between the rooms is also an idea to consider, it creates spacious areas. Colors are also extremely important. In case your dwelling is small, open the interior with neutral colors. Creating a contrast is always a good idea, when one wants a spacious room.

home decoration 3

home decoration 4

The home cabinet can be transformed into a cozy area and it can actually save you some place. Many designers are setting the home cabinet in the middle of two coat closets. This open space for extra storage and the entire cabinet looks cozier.


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