Kitchen Layouts for Small Spaces

It is a common problem for people to have small kitchens. Nonetheless a small kitchen doesn’t have to be a black spot in your home. There are some kitchen layouts for small spaces ideas that you could use to increase the storage space of the kitchen or to make it seem larger.

Kitchen Layouts for Small Spaces

Vertical space

One of the biggest problems of small kitchens is that there is little storage space. However, you can increase the available storage space by stacking the cabinets vertically. In case you have a high ceiling, have cabinets all the way up to the ceiling and store the items you rarely use in the upper cabinets.

Glaze on the ceiling

In case you goal is to make the kitchen look larger, the small kitchen space layout ideas tell you to glaze the ceiling of the kitchen. This way there will be more light in the kitchen, creating the illusion of a larger space. Naturally this is something that not all homeowners have the possibility to do.

Add some color

When it comes to the kitchen layouts for small spaces some homeowners may be tempted to make the kitchen all white. However, with a pop of color you can add interest to the space and by increasing the visual impact you can make the kitchen look more comfortable and slightly larger.

Gloss units

We all know that mirrors can make space look larger. However, it might seem strange to have mirrors in the kitchen. In case of small kitchen space layouts you might want to consider gloss units. These reflect light and they make the available space look bigger.

Undress the windows

It is almost impossible for a kitchen not to have windows. So one of the things you could do regarding the kitchen layouts for small spaces is to undress the windows. As a result there will be more light in the kitchen and it will feel more spacious.

Different materials

The homeowners interested in kitchen designs for small spaces should find the courage to use different kinds of materials in their kitchen. This way the entire design will become more interesting and it will look like there is more space in the kitchen than there really is.

It’s not such a big problem if you have a small kitchen. All you have to do is to find kitchen layouts for small spaces that you like and that are advantageous for your kitchen.


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