Cool Outdoor Shower Idea for Hot Summer Days

The truth is that not all people dream about having an outdoor shower. However, those living in warm climate areas should give the idea a shot. A shower may turn out to be useful on those hot summer days.

Cool Outdoor Shower Idea for Hot Summer Days

A niche in the wall

If you have a shower niche you can be sure that you will have all the things you need at hand. In order to make the shower more interesting, you could add a peekaboo feeling to it. Nonetheless it is important for the shower to be open enough for you to be able to enjoy it.

Architectural elements

You can make the shower blend in with the rest of the house using architectural elements. You may be thinking about a pergola over the shower. Another option is to use colors on the shower that match the color scheme of the house. Adding an outdoor lantern can add the perfect feel to the shower.

Rustic feel

There is no problem with using rustic elements in case of the outdoor showers. In fact, it might add a special feel to it. For an artistic feel you should look for materials that have an old feel to them.

Embellish the shower

You can use the siding and the pergola to help the shower blend in with the house. Nonetheless, you may add some embellishments to the sides to make the shower more interesting. Even more, this way you can make sure that everybody will know where the shower is.

Blend the shower in into the landscape

You can make the shower melt in the landscape. For instance you can have a stone wall. The woolly pockets can help you create vertical walls around the shower.

Vertical gardens

For a more special feel, you should have vertical gardens around the shower. You should add copper troughs containing flowers. In the back add a translucent shower curtain that will make the light break and it will make the garden look alive.

Be practical

Although it is a must for the shower to look nice, you also have to make sure that the shower is practical. One of the ideas that you could use is to add a bench to the shower. You can place on the bench the products that you need and you can also take a sit while drying yourself.

In-shower spot for the towel

As it has been mentioned before, you might want to be practical with the outdoor shower. Most probably you will have a towel that you want to use and for this you should have at least a plastic hook.


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