Leather Sofas for Small Spaces from Darlings of Chelsea

A quick glance through pretty much any interiors magazine will provide glimpses of beautiful designs and gorgeous pieces of luxury furniture. Modern, traditional, daring and classic: all kinds of designs and styles are likely to be represented, but you can be sure that each and every one of the rooms shown will be large and airy.

No matter what the design style, open spaces and generously proportioned items of furniture will abound. Many of us would love to have the space in our homes for the kind of designs that are regularly featured in interiors magazines, but the reality is a little different.

leather sofas

The chances are that no matter how sophisticated your tastes in interior design, you sometimes struggle to accommodate the items of furniture you would like in the space you have available. Luxury pieces like quality leather sofas are seen as too large for many living rooms, but in actual fact that needn’t be the case.

A leather sofa is certainly a big ticket item, and one that will provide you with comfort and style for many years, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be large.

There are many high quality leather sofas, corner sofas and recliner leather sofas that fit perfectly in small areas, and can even help you to make the most of the available space in your living room. Here are just a few examples from Darlings Of Chelsea – traditional leather sofas specialists.

Leather Sofas for Small Living Rooms

If you are looking for a leather sofa for a room in which space is at a premium, it is good to know that all the most popular designs in the Darlings of Chelsea range are available in two-seater sizes, as well as the larger three-seaters and above.

Darlings’ signature range is the Sloane, a classic and elegantly simple design that blends in well in most living rooms, Despite having generous armrests, the overall width of the Sloane two-seater is just 160cm, plus detachable arms make sure that getting through narrow entryways is not a problem.

A leather sofa for small spaces certainly doesn’t have to lose any of the comfort you would expect, and nor does it have to lose out on any special features that you may require. The Verdi is a stylish and exceptionally comfortable two-seater recliner sofa.

With a width of only 160cm and a matching depth when fully reclined, it fits perfectly in any living room, so no matter how small your room, there will always be enough space for you to lie back and relax after a hard day’s work.

Sectional Leather Sofas for Small Spaces

A sectional corner sofa is the perfect solution for rooms in which space needs to be maximised. By nestling in the corner of the room, and taking up space that would otherwise be unused, a corner sofa is ideal for giving you as much room in front of the sofa as possible, and the beauty of a sectional, or modular, system is that you can choose the pieces that will fit perfectly into your room.

With sizes that range from a minimal width of 144cm and depth of 97cm, to larger corner arrangements, the Dali leather corner sofa range is a great example of a stylish and modern design, that can look just as good in a small space as it can in larger rooms.

Photo Credit By: culthomes.com


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