Ten Must have Kids Room Essentials

Parents always wish to decorate their kid’s room perfectly since it bears a significant effect on personality development of their child and you should also do some research work on how a kid’s room can be decorated with the useful yet decorative items. Here are certain essential points which should be kept in mind while preparing a room for your kid. kids room essentials

Bright Colors

The first thing to consider is the color of the room. Kids prefer bright colors. According to various studies bright colors have a positive influence on their intellect. Paint the room with vibrant hues of pink or blue or yellow. Kids generally relate better with caricatures or images than just colors. So Spiderman or Disney princess whoever is the hero of your youngster; a themed wall of his/her favorite character may be a great idea.

Comfortable Bedding

The next essential thing is the bed. Purchase a comfortable, soft bedding for your kid. Bed-sheets, pillow-covers and comforters matching the composition of the room will transform its entire look.

Wall Clock

A wall clock will help to teach your kid the time and value for punctuality. Put an alarm clock on the bedside table. Setting alarms and wake up accordingly will make your child responsible.


Assemble a wall to wall customized closet or a wardrobe with enough space to store all clothes as well as toys.

Mini Fridge

A mini fridge will be useful to store nutritious food, aerated soft drinks and chocolates. Use colorful fridge magnets on the refrigerator to post various reminders.

Notice Board

A bulletin board on the wall will encourage your child to exhibit his/her paintings and crafts. This will enhance the imaginative ability of your kid.

Study Zone

Plan a study table with drawers and additional storage facilities for your kid’s study books.

Nylon Mat

Put a nylon mat along with some cushions at one corner of the room so that your kid can sit there and carry along his/her drawings or read instead of sitting directly on the floor.


Kids are scared of darkness. Thus a proper night lamp is necessary. Get a desk lamp for the study table which will provide enough light, giving their eyes sufficient support while studying. A desk lamp with cartoon characters on it may distract your child’s concentration while studying. Hence it is better to get a simple lamp.


You can configure customized shelves on the wall for keeping story books. Ensure that the shelves are at reachable height of your kid.

Lastly, make sure that your kid’s room has enough space for him/her to fiddle and move freely.


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