How To Create A Fairy Land Space For Your Children?

child roomAs children we loved the idea of fairies, fairy tales and fairylands. Most children love the thought of a fairyland where they could journey to and where they feel safe and happy.

It’s easy to give your child a room that looks like they just stepped into a page from their favorite fairy tale and make their imagination soar every time they step into their special room. [Children room]

Use pictures from their favorite stories as a guideline for colors and images. Also, use decor with pastel palettes to soften the space. Light colors, such as sky blues and sage greens, help to create soothing places as well as give spaces a light and airy feel.

You can paint or have someone paint a mural on the walls for you with roads and woods that wind around the room. Add special touches to the mural and make it more magical by hiding little fairies around by using stickers making the drawings yourself.

Retail stores of today carry many items that will enhance your child’s bedroom or play space and transform it into a magical place. You can purchase pillows in the colors and patterns of leaves and buy green rugs or flooring to make your little children feel like they were walking in a meadow with grass beneath their feet.

They also sell bedding that have that add to the magical theme from princesses to fairies. If your child likes to play dress up, help their imagination with actual costumes. You can purchase wings or princess dresses and for the more adventurous boys, have foam swords and shields waiting for them as they trek around their fairy land.

Fun little touches will increase the feel of a fairy space. For example, around the room have glittery paint appear in some spots as if a fairy had just flown by.

Beds are a perfect structure to create a magical castle from. Hanging ropes around the room and drape filmy fabric around to make it feel like they are in a magical room.

You can also place real plants by the windows and tuck secret little figurines or even a stuffed frog. Who knows? Maybe that frog has been enchanted and is really a prince or princess waiting for a kiss.

Your children will enjoy playing and imagining themselves in other lands when they have a room that looks like fairy land. Just simple touches around the room, like a painted sky and green floors will spur on a child’s imagination and lead him or her into a dream land.


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