How to Decorate Country Style Hallways

While a lot of people are looking for modern designs when it comes to decorating their house, others prefer maintaining a country feel that transforms a house into a home.


The main point of the country style is to bring beauty into the center of attention instead of formality. For example, you could think about using a wallpaper with horses and contrast that with tiles on the floor that come in a geometric pattern. Accessorize these with dark colored wood and leather.

How to Decorate Country Style Hallways

Ribbon Door Curtain

Another way to add a country feel to your hallway is to add a ribbon door curtain. Use satin ribbons in different shades of green. In order to achieve a summery and fresh look, you may add clip-on butterflies.

Add Some Space

If you have the possibility, you should create a double height hallway and add as much light to it as possible. You should be careful with the decorative finishes and you should keep them to a minimum. For added impact, consider getting large fluffy feather lights.

Impressive Doorway

The people who enter the door should get an instant feel of your home. For this you should place a couple of large chrome hurricane lamps besides the door and add a console table beyond it. In order to achieve the best effect, you should maintain the symmetry of the hallway.

Splash of Color

The people who would like to add some colors but maintain the country feel should consider adding colorful hats to the hallway. For this all they have to do is to add hooks to the walls and hang colorful sunhats. If you have some more expensive ones, you should display them in protective boxes on a console table.

Country Scene

To achieve a country feel, there might be need for a country scene. For this it is a good idea to add some freshly picked flowers to a jug. Place it on a tray table besides a candlestick lamp. To add some charm to the arrangement, add a patchwork heart above the table.


When thinking about decorations, one of the best materials to consider is damask. You could find wallpaper with a damask pattern. Make sure that you choose neutral colors so that the effects won’t become too screaming. In fact, it is best to go for neutral tones or earth tones for the perfect effect.


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