Commercial Interior Design Tips

More and more people are thinking about having their own business and they might be looking forcommercial interior design tips. Usually these tips refer to the color of the walls and the style of the furniture to make people feel what they are supposed to feel.

Commercial Interior Design Tips

Coffee lounge

If you are thinking about opening a coffee lounge, think about dark brown as the main color. The walls should be covered by bricks and opt for dark brown leather sofas. Such colors make people feel intimate and they will be more comfortable and more keen to spend time at your coffee lounge.

Bright space

The people thinking about starting a business that needs people to be active should consider creating a bright space according to the design tips for commercial interior. Have white walls and bright furniture. It is even better if you have a lot of plants inside.

Make a statement

Again, if you are planning to open a coffee shop, the commercial interior design tips tell you to get white tables, white sofas and add statement white light fixtures to the ceiling as well. In order to have some contrast, go for darker colored walls, such as chocolate brown.

Color blocks

This one of the commercial designs ideas for interior is most suitable for restaurants and waiting rooms. It means that you should have all kinds of bright colors, including pink and yellow in blocks. The colors don’t have to blend into each other; in fact they should stand on their own.

All red

It is a well-known thing regarding the commercial interior design tips that red keeps people active and wired. This color is most suitable for clubs and bars that need active people to maintain the atmosphere. It is best to go for a modern look.


One of the most interesting ideas for commercial interior designs is to have chairs and table in the shape of eggs. In this case, the cushioning of the chairs should be the egg yolk. Since this is such a special design, you should keep the rest of the design simple.

When looking for commercial interior design tips you could also consider using a lot of fuchsia, special light fixtures that feature mirrors, an all-white design or, as one of the more special designs, chairs in the shape of coffee mugs (that are just perfect for coffee shops).


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