Vintage Decoration To Transform Your Old House Into A Delightful Place

In case you want to transform your old house into a modern and delightful place, just use the so called vintage decoration.

Changing the entire interior isn’t that difficult and requires several things. First and most important is to change the color of your walls. You can do with painting, as you consider the neutral colors, for they are extremely useful and create a new light in the room.

vintage decoration 1

Add some paintings details that are contrasting with the color of the walls, this will surely bring sophistication in your home

vintage decoration 2

Don’t throw away the old furniture, you can reuse them and change its place around the house. Combine old furniture with new accents and details. For instance – an antique chair goes perfectly with lavish fabrics and curtains. The tables are also important. Paint your table or add a brand new one, but make sure it is darker than the walls.

vintage decoration 3

The vintage design is a play of contrast between modern and old.


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