Using Mirrors As A Decorative Element In Your Home

mirrorIt is a well known design concept that you can use mirrors to create an illusion of space in a room; however mirrors can be used for many more reasons and we aren’t talking bathrooms and dressers either!

Having an entire wall as a mirror is a trick that restaurants often use to create an illusion that the space is double the size that it actually is. However in your home this may be impossible; to say nothing of rather inappropriate!

Mirrors can, however be used as interesting focal points in a room. For instance as you enter the main door, a well placed mirror which could be in the shape of the sun or even moon motif will be eye-catching and arresting.

A mirror with an ornate, gilded frame instantly evokes a bygone era and can greatly enhance a traditionally furnished setting.

Sometimes it is a good idea to take a photo frame and place a mirror inside rather than a picture, for an interesting little addition to your writing desk or similar.

An ornate mirror, cleverly used in conjunction with matched candle stands will create an excellent focal point in your living room. This is a design idea that can work very well in an alcove that may be otherwise bare and difficult to decorate.

So let your imagination run wild; see how mirrors can bring alive a space in your home!


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