Tips For Installing A Beautiful Water Fountain In Your Home

water fountainA water fountain can be installed in a home in a number of different areas.

The living room, patio, or bedrooms are all great areas where a homeowner might choose to place this home ornament.

There are several different kinds of water fountains, too. Table tops, walls, even floor models can all be beautiful.

There are some things to consider, however, before investing in a water fountain.

Installation Requirements

Before installing a water fountain, make sure it will accent the room properly.  For example, a den used as a sport’s fans hideout is probably not the best choice; nor is a kid’s playroom. Consider the existing home  decorations to see if they will compliment a water fountain.

What are the water requirements for the fountain? Will it require a constant water source? Will the humidity in the room created by the fountain cause problems for other items in the room? Electricity will also be required to power the fountain. Make sure a source of electricity is easily accessible.

The Parts of a Water Fountain

While it’s not really complicated, there are several parts to a water fountain. There will be a pool for catching the water, a water pump that will traditionally require electricity, a hose to carry the water back to top of the fountain, and the areas which the water will cascade through. The water pump will need to be kept under the water or it could quickly burn up.

Potential Problems

Most homeowners will face a couple of problems after installing a water fountain. The most common are a noisy pump or contaminated water. One way to reduce the noise from a water pump is to place cork or rubber pieces underneath to absorb some of the shock.

Chlorine bleach can help to remove contaminants from the water, such as algae.  However, if you have children or pets, remember that chlorine may be hazardous as well.

If the water fountain will be home to fish or turtles, the smallest amount of bleach can also be harmful.

Design Options

There are many different kinds of design options available for water fountains. The most common is an indoor waterfall, but there are also rain misters and water curtains.

Choose the style that will best accent your home decoration. Many are made from ceramic, but there are other materials available as well.

Be sure the fountain is installed in an area of the home that will not be ruined if the fountain should spring a leak. Tiling and carpet should be considered when purchasing a water fountain. The highest quality of fountain can still have problems and cause water damage.

A Few Final Thoughts

Nothing is quite as relaxing as watching and listening to the falling water. A water fountain can add elegance and style to a home and may become the focal point for the entire house.

Choose a style that compliments the home decor. The style should be reflective of the homeowner’s personal tastes, as well.


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