Creating A Colonial Influenced Ambiance

window remodelingA very relaxing environment can be created by using colonial influences, often bringing a sense of adventure and passion to a space.

Perfect for bedrooms, as you can really indulge in the look without holding back.

For window treatments, billowing fabric can bring a romantic feel but shutters will really take the style to an even better level.

They are practical and keep out a lot of light when closed at night time, cleaning involves only light dusting or a mere wipe with a damp cloth.

If you can stretch the budget to a four poster, bed with plenty more fabric at each corner it will work perfectly. Alternatively making a frame to fit around an ordinary bed is not as difficult as you may think.

Forget carpet, the colonial theme requires wooden floors and plenty of rugs. If you are lucky enough to have boards then a sanding and staining exercise will do the job but do not despair, modern laminate flooring will look just as good and is readily available.

For the color palette, there are numerous possibilities and if you are not very brave then neutral shades will be best using accents in vibrant shades by introducing throws, cushions and artwork etc. Rich tones make for a great space to sleep in so explore purples and oranges for a vibrant sense of the colonial look.

Mirrors can be used to effect, making a room seem bigger but adding to the opulence that the colonial theme represents. A few carefully selected candles and ornaments will finish it off to perfection.


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