The Designer Touch Can Change Your Home Style

When it comes to modern fashion interior, most of the people are following the latest trends. Here are several ideas from popular designers, praised as the best for their innovative home décor and design.

Marie Turner is a designer that specializes into the Continental style and she worked for the famous auction house Christies, where she was trained to recognize the best for the modern home.

home style 1

home style 2

Take a look at her serene room and colorful designs, as well as custom- made furniture.

Another designer, which you should consider for this matter is Katie Lydon. Her home interior ideas are eminent for their bold style and sassy decisions. She combines perfectly antiques with futuristic furniture.

home style 3

A fresh example is her combination of an 18th-century French chest of drawers and 19th-century Chinese chair, as well as adding vintage pieces in a clean and simple interior.

Jesse Carrier is also an example of super style for your interior. The designer has clients such as the chief editor of Vogue and a lot of Hollywood stars.

home style 4

Her typical style is surprising as she is creating her design by adding wide-ranging elements and creating open and sunny interiors. The designer is using only Robert Kime print fabrics and chairs with unique shapes.


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