The Right Colors Can Define Your House

When you are decorating and renovating your home interior, there is always an issue with choosing the right colors. The experts’ advice, when it comes to this decision and the professionals are advising you to think about the mood you would want to create.

color decor 1

Any color brings a specific mood and this is something very important. Most of the colorful decors are called too bright and bold, but the right combination of the colors can actually transform your space into an oasis of colors.

The designers often enhance the sunlight in the rooms by using warm and pale colors. The right combination is to use ivory, bisque, shell pink and mushroom.

color decor 2

In case you want your room with playful and fun mood, select colors such as blush pink, icy blue and oyster. The provocative look is achievable with colors like antique gold, brick and Pompeian red. Lately even the bedrooms are in a different color palette than the usual neutral one.

For creating a seductive look in your bedroom, go for smooth colors such as smoky charcoal, pewter and mauve. For decorating the living room, use calming neutral colors and combine them with darker tones so to achieve contrast.


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