Creating A Casual Living Room Design

When considering a living room design or over all theme for your living room, one of the most ideal choices is to have a more casual and laid back feel.

Keep in mind that your living room should be designed the way you will be using it. After all, it is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house.

Whatever you have planned for your living room design, your foremost consideration should be to create a relaxing air where you and your family or friends can lounge, rest, read, watch movies and do other things in a comfortable manner together.

Here are some things to consider in giving your living room a casual yet classy appeal through living room design:

Plush furniture for your living room design

To create a casual atmosphere and have a welcoming feel to your living room, plush furniture can be very inviting for guests and family to lounge in.

Stiff furniture gives no comfort and will only make you sore when you sit in them for too long. These types of furniture and chairs are the ones used at school rooms and waiting areas.

Comfortable living room design involves chairs and couches made from plush and soft fabrics, which invite people to sit on them. This effect can be further enhanced by soft pillows made from the same material.

Contrasting colored pillows and chairs are also ideal for some but the most important thing should be on the complete comfort and relaxation that your living room design would give off.

Living room floor designs

Another consideration for your living room design is the flooring that you will use. Currently, hardwood floors are very popular, but of course they are not the only choice. Though hardwoods are pretty and easy to clean up, they are also cold.

If you are looking for inexpensive ways to warm up your hardwood flooring, carpeting is your best choice. Carpets hold the heat in the room longer and better than having bare hardwood flooring.

You can save up on heating and furnace this way, however, allergens and airborne particles can get stuck in carpets. This is a not a good choice if you have asthma patients or family with allergy because allergens are not easy to remove no matter how often you vacuum the carpets.

Matching appliance with your living room design

Your entertainment system is another consideration when you have to think about while matching your living room design.

Large television sets can take up a large space in your living, while smaller ones wouldn’t be able to take much room. Whatever size of television you have, ensure that the seating and sound be arranged surrounding the viewing are and is at an appropriate distance.

If you have a surround sound system in your living room design, you have the advantage of bringing the sounds whatever your sitting arrangement is, but if not you should seat around the television at a proper distance to make listening easier.


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