Perfect Accents: Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Room on a Budget

Use Rugs

Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Room on a Budget

Accent rugs are an excellent way to tie pieces of furniture in your room together and emphasize accessories that are worthy of visual attention. Adding an accent rug to your room can also make it feel larger or give it a cozy feeling, depending on the type of rug you choose.

To make your room feel larger, add a rug with a geometric print or a vertical stripe. If you want to make a cavernous room feel cozy, add a dark-colored rug or a rug with a horizontal stripe in warm colors. Contemporary spaces typically benefit more from one large rug and transitional and traditional homes usually benefit from multiple rugs with complementary patterns, colors or designs.

Plants and Flowers

Adding potted plants and flowers to any room in your home can instantly help to make the room feel more vibrant and full of life. While fresh plants and flowers can add a nice touch to your home, silk potted plants and silk flowers are much easier to maintain and you won’t have to replace them on a regular basis like you would with live plants.

If you choose to use silk flowers in your home to spruce up your decor, buy a few different sets of a similar size so you swap them out and quickly change the way your room looks.

Add Pillows

Much like an accent rug, pillows are a great way to add bold color and visual interest to your room without breaking the bank. Any room that has a chair, sofa, loveseat or settee can benefit from throw pillows that work with and highlight the items you already have in your room.

When choosing throw pillows, pick colors and patterns that highlight accessories in your home instead of adding ones that are too similar in color to your seating or wall color.

Sofas are another way to liven up your room, and you don’t have to break the bank to do so. Bespoke sofas can be a cost effective way to brighten up your room and give a new feel.


Painting a room a different color can instantly transform it into a more vibrant space for very little money. Of course, you’ll have to take the time to move your furniture and actually paint the wall, but with many paint companies making single-coat paints that don’t require primer, painting a small or medium-size room can easily be done in an afternoon.

For a contemporary look, choose crisp white or a bold, rich color like yellow or red. If you want a timeless look, pick off-white or cream, which blends well with all types of decor and color palates.


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