How To Prepare For Fall Gardening

Preparing your garden for spring is the best thing you can do in fall giving you a head start post winter landscaping.

When having a garden, people have to tend to it all year round which can be rather time consuming. In order for your yard to look beautiful with low maintenance, consider fake grass to create that sensational all year round atmosphere.

Here is how you can prepare your garden during autumn.



Fall is the best time to spruce up your lawn and take up the annual maintenance work required for a healthy lawn. The benefits of planting a lawn in fall are that the weather prevents weeds from sprouting. And when spring arrives the lawn greens up automatically and is healthier as it is resistant to drought and disease. Aeration, applying fertilizers and reseeding the patches are three things that you could do to keep your lawn ready for spring.

Trees and shrubs

Like the grass in your lawn, many trees stop developing leaves and instead make their root system stronger during fall. So planting new saplings in fall will help the plant develop roots and be ready for growth of the shoot system in spring. Once it starts to snow, use an anti-desiccant spray to lock in moisture and prevent drying up of the plant. Pruning, fertilizing and watering are other things that can keep you busy in the garden during the autumn months.

Annuals and perennials

Autumn is also a good time to plant saplings and trees that grow even through the harsh winter. Spent annuals should be removed during fall itself and the beds prepared for the next planting season. Perennials have to be trimmed to the ground level to enable them to grow back again during spring.

Most nurseries put plants on sale in fall. Making use of this opportunity one can pick up spring and autumn plants for half the price. Also nurseries are less busy at this time of the year and will be ready to assist you with timely delivery and other details. Again pruning and feeding are important after you are done with planting them.

Spring bulbs

Bulbs that grow in spring have to be planted in fall because the bulbs need the chill of winter to trigger their growth. When spring comes these bulbs will flower turning the garden bright. Hence use of different varieties of bulbs would be a good idea over one single kind of bulb.


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