How to Lower your House Insurance Premiums

Whether you are a first time house buyer or simply looking to find a better deal on your home insurance then considering ways to lower your house insurance premiums will ensure you get the best possible deal.

Firstly, it is essential that you accurately calculate the worth of all your contents and the most efficient way to do this so as not to underestimate the amount is getting back to basics with an inventory of all your belongings from the obvious televisions and jewellery to easily overlooked clothing and carpets.

Too many families guess the worth of their contents and leave themselves without sufficient insurance cover; taking the extra time to make a thorough valuation will ascertain accurate contents insurance coverage.

In addition to contents insurance you will also need to acquire building insurance which is a separate policy. This is the valuation of the actual building and the cost it would take to rebuild it which usually less than the sale valuation.

Often at times your mortgage provider will try to sell you their insurance policies but you are not obliged to purchase them. Always do your research and compare cost and policies from the leading companies.

Although insurance premiums are constantly on the rise there are ways to reduce these; purchasing both your content and building insurance with the same company will usually result in some form of deal but if not then research costs of separate policies and find the best deal for you.

Any protective measures made on your home against theft or fire damage are a great way to reduce costs; install a fire alarm, burglar alarm even a safe and you will find your premiums already reduced. Other options include insulated water pipes, secure locks and the like.

With over 400 insurance companies to consider, finding the lowest premiums can prove time consuming. By visiting Endsleigh you will find the best deals at the click of a button.


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