Spectacular Designs For Decorating Your Home

The home decoration is always a matter of the right patterns and the style you want to add. In case you are a bit eccentric and want to achieve an unusual look at home, then the designer Patricia Urquiola is the right person for you.

Her latest innovative collection for the Italian brand Budri is called ‘Macrosterias’ and can be easily labeled as art at the wall. The collection offers home interiors with amazing patterns, which possess the beauty of the nature and its odd shaped micro-organisms.

The name of the collection is perfectly right, because the designer was totally inspired by the macrosterias. These are vegetal micro-organism, which Patricia was observing, when she decided to mix them with graphic symbols and to create patterns, which represents a new digital-biological entity.

Her wallpapers, linens and furniture are perfect for those of you, who live in an eco way. There is also a marble made statues and art works for the home interior, which represent micro-organisms in their living form.

The collection is limited, but you can purchase it at the designer website. The “Macrosterias’ was part of the exhibition “Hybrid and Flexible”, which is known for its international and talented participants.


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