Select Wisely Colors for Small Spaces

Whether it is a large room or small space, changing up the color adds a lot of appeal to your home. Most of you, who have smaller living space, are concerned about what type of colors to use in order to make your house look larger or decorate your apartment using colors.

colors for small spacesMore often people think of using a complete white color palette to make their small space design look larger, which is absolutely false.

In case if you feel that it really works there are certain considerations that you have to take into account in order to increase the appeal of your small living space.

Actually, there are no specific rules to follow while selecting colors for small spaces. But, the main goal of coloring small spaces should be to increase the overall appearance of the room using effective color combinations.

Go for solid colors

Don’t hesitate to use bold colors for small spaces. However, you should remember to use light contrasting colors to increase the beauty of smaller living space.

The better contrast in the color would definitely create better definition to the space. For instance, if you use blue color to one of the walls of the living room, together with red at doorway, it will give a feeling of depth to the room.

Choose unexpected accents

If you want to use neutral colors to the walls of small room, you can bring a splashes of different colors to upholstery, radiator, inside bookshelves, windowsills. This will be a brilliant idea to add depth to a room. You can also use colorful cushions and artwork to enlighten the room.

Connect rooms with colors

Like different wall colors divide your living space into different work areas, similarly, different shades of one specific color can connect one room with another.

So, choose one specific color and use shades of that specific color for other rooms of your house. In small living spaces, these little touches add up to a cohesive space.

Color in layers

Coloring the walls in layers also helps to give depth to the room. This is especially useful technique for you when you have large walls to cover with a single color. Wallpaper patterns also work effectively to overpower your small space. Use furnishings that complement these gentle layers of colors for small spaces.

Add variety

Using different coloring techniques that make small living space look beautiful and larger is also a brilliant idea.

For instance, you can use dark color for ceiling of the room and use the same color down the wall about 12 inches. And then using metallic stripes or lighter shades in that particular space will bring appeal to your small room.


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