2011 – A Vintage Touch with a Hint of Luxury Décor

It is crystal clear that the major tendencies of 2011 will be focused on the notion of family with a high interest in glorifying the past. The focus will be to obtain a touch of luxury without huge investment and the colors will connect us to the spirit of nature.

This year is definitely going to make your interior design task easier by simply letting us be green, creative and original, all at the same time.

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Living room and bedroom design seems to be encouraged to approach the concept of enjoying the treasures of the past. We could consider that this is because of the recession and the need of bouncing back. Or…we can simply accept that a touch of old is a touch of value.

The aged colors, old finish and vintage touches mix with eclectic combinations of delicate fabrics all ready to help us make the most of what we currently have. Earth brown, Provence green and smoky blue are all in trend.

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The trends call for restored furniture and complex accessories ready to take it out from the expected classical standard. 2011 underlines the current wave of decorating green. We are encouraged to reinvent everything from wallpaper to furniture and make the items we own look luxurious.

The trends tell us to go back to the basics. The origins of humanity become an inspiration and the shapes and color combinations will have a global influence. African tribal notes and Native American elements can be mixed with daring geometrical shapes. Vibrant colors like violet red and ocean blue will mix with natural textures.

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Neutral will add the touch of luxury. Sophisticated vintage textures in black and white, copper, dark yellow or gray will create a studied air and give a touch of luxury to the whole ensemble. Sophisticated combinations of glass, crystal, steel or even gilded details will all be extremely stylish.

We can look at future with hope and express it in the interior design. The spectacular touch of silk wallpaper and impressive accessory designs are part of having fun.

The optimism should be enjoyed and the house should be allowed to dress in bright mandarin and yellow. Flower power and retro look can encourage us to dream and you should know that the trends allow you to go for daring combinations.


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