The Art Gallery Looks for Your Home

In case you are going to decorate your interiors, here are a few tips that can help you renovate your home with artful items.

Don’t underestimate the power of art. It can change your home into whatever you like just with few items – sculpture, paintings, wall posters or accessories.

art decorDesigning with art isn’t that easy as it looks, for it requires an artistic point of view. Remember that not any piece of work is suitable for your home, so you should choose carefully.

Buying a piece of art should be linked to several things: your home décor, your taste of art and of course the price you are ready to pay.

In case your home décor is all about contemporary style, then the pieces of art in your house should be well selected. Go with the recent trends.

The trend of the season is the digital art-inspired décor. It means that you should place digital designed items at the right spots in your home.

The experts recommend computer screen designs on floors, rugs, walls, plates and anywhere else you decide to place them. The computer inspired art goes perfectly with iconic images.

Find an empty surface in your home that needs an extra flair and place a digitally designed painting of Andy Warhol’s famous images.

Piero FornasettiYou can also try out the great graphic design inspired décor from Piero Fornasetti; he is one of the most famous contemporary artists.

Go for his latest piece of work, the Baco rug. It is a computer digitalized image of female lips, ready for a kiss.

The rug goes perfectly with Missoni Home handcrafted rose pillow, which is an artistic pillow that opens the old look of your sofa.

The prints on the walls are also very modern way to change your home décor.

Go for the so called dolce vita prints or prints that are made in a typical Italian style. Lavish prints and luxury fabrics are the secret behind any modern home, so don’t hesitate to choose the right ones for you.

If your home is decorated in a traditional classy style, forget the contemporary pieces of art. Go for reproductions or originals of 17th-century Italian paintings.

The antiques are also welcomed. Go for sculptures and antique accessories. The furniture should be wooden, for it is the best combination to go with antiques.


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