Retro Home Decor Fabric – Things to Know about It

The best thing about the retro home décor fabric is that you can fit it to just any era of home décor style.

It doesn’t really matter whether you look for Art Deco or mid-century modern style, the manufacturers have a collection of retro fabrics for each period.

In many cases these fabrics are exact reproductions of the prints from the given period.

Retro Home Decor Fabric – Things to Know about It

Traditional décor

The manufacturers offer decorator weight fabric in a wide range of textures and prints for any given époque that you are interested in. In many cases these are different from the fabrics produced in the past because the color schemes have to please the tastes of our days and there is no point in reproducing the styles without improving a few distinctive notes.

In case you would like to use retro fabric for home décor the best thing that you could do is to study the magazines discussing vintage decoration to get acquainted with the style and the design. Then move the research to the specific shops to see what the manufacturers have to offer and what is the most suitable for you.

Cotton quilting fabrics

When thinking about retro home décor fabric you might be interested in the cotton quilting fabrics because they are available in more colors and designs than the heavy fabrics. There are a lot of collections of reproductions every year that the manufacturers throw on the market.

Nonetheless, when considering the fabrics for home retro décor you should know that cotton quilting fabrics aren’t suitable for the heavy wear applications, like upholstery. Such fabrics can be used for pillows, kitchen curtains, throws and quilts.

Clothing fabrics

In case you are looking for retro home décor fabric for curtains and soft furnishings, in this case clothing fabrics are just perfect for you. There are a lot of possibilities that these fabrics offer you, since you can find sheers, netting, knits and flannels among other interesting kinds of textures.

If you are considering retro home decoration fabric you should know that flannels can be used for bedding and the knits are just perfect for throw pillow covers. Stronger netting can be used for window sheers.

You should know that in this case there are more prints and colors available than in case of traditional sheers and they are less expensive.

You should keep in mind that the retro home décor fabric has a story to tell and tends to add a special feeling to your home. The details such fabric comes with are making a lot of difference when you try to achieve a spectacular home ensemble.


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