Progressive, Comfortable And Handy – All In One Fireplace

Fireplaces are among the first sacrifices made due to place restraint. It may no longer be so, thanks to the modern fireplace from Conmoto. The sleek and elegant design is compact with provision for firewood storage too.

fireplacesThe fire place is designed as a pair of cabinets that house the fire place and the firewood storage. The two cabinets are identical with the outer dimensions of 165cm x 50cm x 50cm. Both the cabinets have glass fronts.

One of them is designed with a combustion chamber which seems to float inside the anthracite coated steel bodies. The matt finish and glass plates are contrasted well with the brushed stainless steel accents. The levers and handles gleam against the cabinet bodies.

The second cabinet is designed to hold the wood logs to give easy storage and access to fuel. It is finished in American walnut veneer to match the anthracite. This cabinet can be placed on either side of the fire place cabinet as per your décor indications. Placing it next to the fireplace facilitates access to fuel.

A great space saving design that adds to the elegance and décor detail of the living room, this fireplace works well for both small and large living spaces.


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