Random Tips And Advice For Home Interiors And Remodeling

When you store your paint, store it upside down because the film that will form eventually on the surface is on the bottom of the paint, when you store it upside down this makes it easier to work with the paint and keep filmy paint off your project.

paint colorIf you don’t already have magnetized screwdrivers you need to go out and buy magnetized screwdrivers right now. These are so much easier to work with, especially when you are in high up or hard to reach places.

The screw literally sticks to the top of the bit of the screwdriver because the screwdriver is magnetized.

When you are plastering use warm water to make the mixture. This will allow the plaster to set much faster.

When working on hinges of doors or cupboards in your home instead of oil try to use Vaseline. This tip makes sense because the oil runs and can dirty the paintwork while the Vaseline won’t run so you won’t have to worry about it dirtying the paintwork.

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When you are working on windows[window treatment] and sealing them try this tip; put black pepper in the putty to stop the birds from eating it.

Birds will be attracted to the freshly set putty, however with black pepper mixed into it they will not bother it. When you are done with the putty put it in foil and then in the tub container, this will ensure the putty will last longer.

Build a track mounted closet shelf system in a tiny bedroom closet or even in a hallway closet that you need more room in. You can actually make a track mounted closet yourself by purchasing a shelving system, determining where you want the shelving to go in the closet and plotting the top of that placement.

Use a level mark across the plotted area. Drill screws into the wall studs and then hang the track to the wall of the closet.

Be sure to place the first shelf before anything else and place the first shelf so that it is at standard height and placement. Once the shelves are hooked into the slots you can always resize them as you want different spaces and different looks for your closet.

Another tip for hanging the track mounted closet shelf yourself is cover the ends with rubber caps for safety and before setting anything on the shelves just make sure the shelves are secure.


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