Engineered Flooring For A Better Home

If you are building a new home or looking to remodel your existing home, you should consider the benefits of using engineered flooring as opposed to traditional flooring. Engineered flooring has become the material of choice for more and more homeowners today.

Essentially, engineered flooring imitates the conventional floor board, making it look exactly alike. They are usually made out of plywood, high density fiber board, and are composed of several layers of each topped with genuine hardwood.

Because the core of the floor is made up of several layers, it makes your floor much stronger than traditional flooring material and also helps to protect against expansion.

There are many other reasons why engineered flooring is the material of choice for homeowners today. These are some of the other benefits:

1. Engineered flooring is very easy to do yourself and install. It makes for a fun and simple do-it-yourself project, which will require only very little money.

2. Engineered flooring, because of how it’s made and the material it’s made from, is stronger and more versatile than traditional flooring and therefore can be used in areas in your home you typically wouldn’t use hardwood.

These include spots in your home that can get damp and wet, or are often exposed to heat. Heat and moisture will affect hardwood, causing it to shrink, expand, and eventually be damaged but engineered flooring will stay good as new.

3. You can purchase engineered flooring in virtually any kind that will completely imitate hardwood, and even give the same kind of ambiance and warmth that real hardwood can, but just at a fraction of the price.

They come in different graining, styles, and textures to meet your home and design needs so not only are they more economically efficient and practical but can also has its own aesthetic value.

4. The coated surface of this kind of flooring protects it from dust and scratches, also making it very easy to clean. It also does not require sanding and coating, making it a very low maintenance type of flooring.

Common types of engineered flooring surfaces

  • Bamboo – for that tropical, airy, beach house feel
  • Maple – has a classy, timeless feel and is always an elegant choice for the dining and living room
  • Hickory – the rich appeal of hickory engineered flooring will give any house a classy and luxurious feel
  • Oak – a great choice for casual yet good looking flooring to suit any home and apartment

When you are shopping for engineered flooring, there are many kinds to choose from and many brands manufacture them differently.

When choosing the right one you should first take into consideration the use for your engineered flooring. While most don’t require sanding, there are other kinds that still do.

However, no matter where you use them in your home, they are an ideal choice even for moisture-prone areas. Just make sure not to use them where they will get very wet or soaked.


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