Honeysuckle – More Than Pink, Much More Than Lovely

If you are going to renovate your home décor and you haven’t chosen the colors yet, take a look at the honeysuckle color.

This is one of the most fashionable colors of the year. Actually it is announced as the color of 2011. Perhaps you think that decorating in honeysuckle is very unusual. It is unusual, but yet, very beautiful and very modern.

honey suckle colorIf you want to decorate your house in a contemporary style, this festive shade of pink is the right color for you. The honeysuckle is a color that gives the feeling of luxury and warmth in your home. Therefore it is a perfect color for your dining room.

The advantages of decorating in honeysuckle are many, but the main one is – this is totally a color that can be combined with any other color.

In case you want to create a luxury dining room, paint the walls in honeysuckle. Combine with white window frames and bright luster, in order to create contrast, which will not allow the room to become too dark.

The push chairs enhance the feeling of luxury, especially with light beige trim that adds more light in the room. Woven carpets in honeysuckle, white and beige colors are the perfect finish for a luxury dining room.

The interior designer Elaine Griffin offers a living room decorated mainly in honeysuckle, but with accents of green, turquoise, gold and orange. These colors are fresh and modern, so you can create an amazing living room using bright accessories and dark ornaments.

Fuchsia is also a color, which shouldn’t be underestimated, when it comes to home decorating. One of the most famous interior designers Natalie Umbert is one of the biggest honeysuckle fans. She has made an eye-popping decoration in fuchsia. The designer combined the color with neutrals – white, beige and ivory.

The interesting concept in her fuchsia design is that she combined it with neutrals, but when it comes to home accessories, she has chosen blue and turquoise, for they are creating a modern contrast in the living room.

If you want a sophisticated atmosphere, pair the honeysuckle color with clean elements and furniture. The so called damask rose is also a color that is on the top of the trends. Its pinkish glow creates an unforgettable atmosphere, when designed right.

Don’t use the damask rose as a main color. Use it as a detail or ornament. A wallpaper in the kitchen or in a living room is just enough to bring a more vibrant ambiance in your house.


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