Home Makeover Ideas for Spring

Most of the fashion trends that change with season often transform into ideas for interior décor. But did you ever create your own design for your home?

Remember just like your clothes, your home is also an extension of your personal style. More often spring is the perfect time to change or spruce up your home.

home makeover ideasSpring calls for a makeover to your home décor and update your home with shiny fabrics, garden elements like plants and flowers.

So, if you want to make changes in your home for spring, without paying high amounts to interior designers, just follow these simple home makeover ideas.


Spring home makeover will be incomplete without cleaning. But don’t worry it doesn’t have to be a tedious job. Prepare a ‘to do’ list and list out things that need a complete makeover. If necessary take help from family members.

Change drapes

If you have velvet drapes or a heavy fabric sofa, spring is the perfect time to change them into lighter looking alternatives. You can eliminate bold colored drapes with lighter shades. You can also go for airy sheers instead. Also change the slip covers of sofa or couch to floral or pale tones.

Change furnishings

Your home furnishings are vital to get the desired look and feel of spring. So, ensure that you replace curtains, cushion covers, carpets and other furnishings with floral fabrics. Even in your bedroom, you can use linens with floral designs and light shades that bring spring to your private room.

Decorate with green plants and flowers

If you have wonderful flowering plants in your garden, you can decorate your home with flowers. Otherwise you can go for silk flowers for floral arrangements. You can even use plants to decorate corners of your house.

Create an inviting front yard

In spring season often you want to spend time in the deck or porch. Even if your house doesn’t have such amenities, you can create the look with wonderful accessories, chairs, hanging plants, etc.

Re-accessorize the shelves

Even shelves of your living space need a makeover in spring. So, clean the dust of fall and replace the objects in the display with new ones.

Clean fireplaces

Spring is the perfect time to sweep out the ashes of fall fire and start fresh. After eliminating the ashes, you can fill the firebox with attractive birch log arrangement, candle arrangements or even well decorated silk flower bunches.

Think about exteriors

Don’t restrict your home makeover ideas to the interiors. After cool winter season, home exteriors need some extra cleaning. Be sure to clean the doors and windows. If necessary, add touch-up to the exterior walls if necessary. Don’t forget your garage and tool sheds and other areas of your home that are possibly exposed to spring.


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