Home Interior Trends Follow Clothing Trends

home interiorChanging fashion does not just effect what you wear, it influences interiors as well.

Often colors and trends started on the cat walk will filter down into stores and magazines for home decoration.

In a lot of ways the same rules apply when trying to keep up with fashion without paying a small fortune.

Classic design is timeless be it in a Gucci bag or a piece of furniture, investing in them will save a lot of money in the long run.

By having the key pieces of your home, for example a sofa or dining room table and chairs, carefully chosen in a neutral tone or a classic style, current color schemes can be used as accents. The latter can be in light shades, pillows and other accessories.

Less is more so do not get carried away and have a bit of everything on every single wall. The look will just look very busy and not work at all. Try to group objects together rather then spread out in a line; it will add cohesion to the room.

For a bedroom, changing the bed linen is a very easy way to ring the changes and keep up with current trends. Similarly change the table napkins in the dining room and tea towels in the kitchen. Small but significant alterations will freshen up a space just enough to make a difference.

Picking multi-functional items is great too; a solid large chest can be storage for many different rooms and really grow with a family. This is true for other things as well so when selecting your furniture well and following fashion will be a breeze.


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