Space Saving Foldable Furniture for Your Home

The traditional-looking tables and chairs are now a thing of the past as the new folding furniture is here to transform your home. With the available technology and innovative designers, the new folding furniture is designed to suit your home decoration needs and comes as a solution to save valuable floor space.

Besides enhancing your interiors, foldable furniture is also easily portable thus allowing you to take them to your favorite picnic spots and camping tours. Here are a few of such fantastic creations suitable to use both as indoor and outdoor furniture.

Sosia sofa by Campeggi

Sosia Sofa

This multifunctional Sosia sofa from Campeggi is designed by Emanuele Magini and it is suitable for even the smallest spaces available while allowing the users to change its appearance, functionality and size according to their mood and available space. It can be used as a sofa, bed, or you can even use it as a dressing room by simply raising the side panels.

Loftbox 101

Loftbox 101

The Loftbox 101 from Atelier Graff is a mobile rectangular box that easily unfolds to reveal a table and high-back seating arrangement. While also saving some space, it is ideal for private conversations in your home and office.

Clip Chair

Clip Chair

The Clip Chair from Moooi is designed by Blasius Osko and Oliver Deichmann and it is inspired by the traditional folding basket. It surely will be a comfortable addition to your outdoor space.

The Desile Chair

Desile Chair

Built from a single sheet of bamboo, the Desile chair is designed by Christian Desile is an ecological product that can be folded flat completely.


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