Flea Market Savvy 101: Decorating On The Cheap

flea marketThere are some hardened flea market shoppers out there that wait with baited breath for the warmer months so they can plan their weekends around various flea markets.

You know who they are. You may have complimented them on an item or two they have in their home or even the clothing on their back.

They are more than proud to say it was purchased at a flea market and when you hear the price paid you’ll ask, “Where, When and Let’s Go!

Your Attire at the Flea Market

When you attend a flea market, you don’t want to look too prosperous. You will more likely than not be finagling and negotiating with sellers so that you purchase your item at the lowest price.

Designer clothing and shoes will not give the impression you need a bargain. Go light on the jewelry unless it’s costume pieces.

Wear old clothes with sneakers or some other comfortable shoes as you will be walking around a lot.

A money belt or a fanny pack will be convenient to keep your valuables safe. If you want to keep your hands free then by all means bring along a backpack to tote your purchases.

Non Essential Items that May Come in Handy When Shopping at the Flea Market

Flea market veterans know that a variety of tools can help them to get the lowest prices on merchandise they want to own.

In their flea market pack they will often have a tape measure to be sure the piece they are considering will fit in the place in which they are thinking of putting it, a flashlight to see deeper in crevices or crannies and a magnifying glass so you can see your potential purchase more clearly.

What You Will Find at a Flea Market?

An easier question to answer is what don’t you find at a flea market? Furniture for every room, clothing, shoes, sneakers, knick knacks, jewelry, CDs and even old vinyl records are just some of the items you will come across when you are at a flea market.

You will find enough merchandise in good condition to decorate every room in your home.

A Final Note

Haggling is a common practice at a flea market. If you are a newbie you may want to watch some of the pros doing it first.

The seller often gives a figure and if the customer finds it a bit too high returns in kind with a counter offer. It can be quite exhilarating when you come home with a purchase that was made well below the asking price!


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