Do You Want A Green Garage?

garageWhen this question is asked, it doesn’t mean the color; rather it is about being environmentally responsible.

You may be utilizing green living in your home, but you can extend that into your garage.

Here are a few ideas for you to implement that won’t cost an arm and a leg. With focus on climate change, the greenhouse effect and all the attention on our “carbon footprints” everyone should be looking on how to live environmentally friendly.

Solar Power

There is no way around the fact that your garage needs electricity, especially if you have a remote controlled garage door. Some people use their garage as a workshop while many more use it as a storage area.

You can install solar panels on the sides of the garage. You can get cheap solar panels from a number of venues that are looking to get rid of their used panels. They will be more than adequate for your needs.

While we are on the subject of power, you can green your garage even further by switching from incandescent lighting to compact fluorescent bulbs.

This will pay for itself over time. It will save you money because florescent lighting doesn’t consume as much energy as traditional light bulbs.

Chemicals & Toxins

Household chemicals as well as those that you use for your car typically are not environmentally friendly. If you are using your garage for storage you may have a number of chemicals such as paint thinner or stripper in there.

More than likely you also have chemicals and toxins to take care of your car such as engine degreasers.

To avoid harming the environment instead use non-toxic polishers, paint and bio based solvents. You can find such products in a number of venues or research them if you prefer to shop online.

Batteries are another consideration when you are attempting to green your garage.

No matter what types of batteries you have whether it be your car’s batteries or batteries that you typically use in the home, they need to be disposed of properly or recycled.

Living a greener life will get easier as time goes by as there will be many more green products available for home and hearth.

Though the price right now may seem high, over time the price for green products will decrease as demand increases. More people are realizing that their actions impact the earth and are taking pains to keep the environment in mind when they shop.


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