Eco-Chic Home Décor – Some Useful Tips

The eco-chic home décor is now more than modern. In case you are leading a green lifestyle, here are few ideas for eco décor that are going to change your home. Forget the ultra-glam styles and try to decorate your home within the natural theme.

wall artFurniture should be sustainable and eco-friendly. In case you need to change your furniture, don’t hesitate to take a look at Philip Lam’s latest collection.

The designer has presented the green world with his Tatami Birkenstocks, which are innovative eco pieces made to add more natural accents to your home. The colors also should be neutral and close to the environment.

Green walls are said to very useful, for they are relaxing to the mind. If you are going to paint your walls in light green, you will probably need to beautify them with a nice piece of art.

Go for wall poster and paintings, but only for those that are made to be recycled or reused.

bamboo screenFor instance, you can place the Inhabit Wall Art, for it is 100 percent sustainable recycled polyester.

The hand prints are also modern, but make sure the inks and the paints are eco-friendly.

Try to include greener accessories. Rocks, bamboo and cork are very sustainable materials that will add refreshing notes to your home.

Go for bamboo floorings, for they are totally green.

Instead of having some metallic table accessories, place some rocks and add a sustain candle in the middle. It is a far better accessory than those metallic table pieces.

A fine example of green-chic screen is the Gaiam’s Bamboo Screen that is pesticide-free bamboo. It matches any eco-designed room and you can find it at affordable prices. The bedroom also should be refreshed with a green and sustainable bed.

The Crate and Barrel Nolan Bed is made out of hand-woven panels of eco-friendly water hyacinth. In case you can’t afford new bed, just replace the old bedding with a green one.

nolan bed

The company of Plover is offering organic duvet covers that are made out of 100 percent organic cotton. If you are choosing fabrics, go for eco fabrics with organic ingredients. Make sure you can reuse them later, for it is the eco-friendly way to refresh your interior.

Remodeling is also part of the eco designing. Therefore, try to remodel the old sofa or the kitchen table. Don’t forget that reusing things is a green way of living.


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