Organize Your Closet – Some Easy Tips

Organizing the closet is often a difficult issue. Here are a few tips on how to organize your closet and make it easy to access.

The first thing which should be done is to empty the whole closet, in order to conquer the clothes clutter. Try to make a selection of your clothes and get rid of these clothes that don’t fit anymore.

closet organization

Separate the pieces into four piles: keep, mend, donate, and throw away. This will help you to decide what you will do with the clothes which have only sentimental value for you or the clothes that are out of fashion. Do the same thing with the shoes and the accessories.

In case your closet is too small, you can free some space with the toss mismatched hangers. These are hangers with a very ergonomic shape, which offer additional space. The so called Huggable Hangers are another good idea, for they are a great coordinated set for closets with not enough space.

Another good way to organize your closet is to keep them stored by outfit. For instance, you can store the cardigans with matching slacks or the blazers with the skirts. Store your favorite sets on a visible place, so you can reach them easily.

organizing closet

Remove the clothes, which are out of the season and place them in a bag or box. The winter gears should be placed in bigger box and kept down in the closet. The boxes are an important part of organizing, because they will help you to access your clothes better. Don’t go for the typical boxes, for they don’t provide easy access. Go for see-through boxes and label them.

This will give you easy-to-scan boxes and you will find whatever you need without messing up the closet. Use bins to hold accessories such as scarves, hats, belts, etc. They should be placed on the higher shelves.

Try the Looks Good list as an organizing method. The so called “Looks Good” list represents the clothes, which you love and which you like to wear. They should be placed on the first shelves, especially if you wear them often.

The lingerie also should be placed on special shelves. The hooks are also important. Use them for some official dresses and clothes that you wear for special occasions. Mount a hook outside your closet. This way you will hang up your daily outfits, which can be selected the night before you use them. It will save you 10 more minutes of sleep in the morning.


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