How To Install A Floating Wood Floor?

Why you would want a floating wood floor? Because it is warm, nice to feel under you, fit, elegant, cheaper than hardwood and easy to install.

The first step is to measure exactly the surface you will cover with the floating floor. If you have a house drawing you use for taxes you can use the dimensions from it. If not, simple measuring will do the trick.

wood flooringAs necessary materials are concerned you can get them all from flooring to finish trim from any hardware store.

Ask for the shop assistant’s help to get all that you need. Keep in mind that reported to the amount of traffic you are going to have in that room the thickness of the planks may differ from one room to another.

For starters, you have to make sure that the floor is perfectly straight. If not, you should apply a layer of self leveling concrete which usually dries in 48 hours.

When the layer is dry, apply the foam underlayment which will keep the humidity away from the flooring. The foam underlayment has different levels of thickness so make sure you pick the one suitable for your type of floating floor.

The easiest to install floating floor planks are those made with the click2click binding system. The click2click binding system allows the planks to bind without adhesive only by a small mechanic pressure. This saves you money, time and carbon footprint because most of the adhesives are highly pollutant for the environment.

install flooringThe planks are better installed oriented towards the main source of light in the room. If inside the room there is only one window, you have to make sure you start installing the planks perpendicularly on that wall.

After the first row is installed we continue the same way until the entire surface is covered. At the edges and at corners you should measure the planks and trim them accordingly.

When you are finished with the entire room surface, install the finish trim and you are done.

Make sure you follow a very strict maintenance program and do not expose the flooring to excessive humidity.

Keep in mind that the lifetime of a floating floor is conditioned by the way it is maintained. The way you clean it is very important so make sure you use on appropriate cleaning and de-dusting procedures.


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