5 Decorating Items that Pulls Down Home Value

If you have decided to sell your home and get good value for it, it is necessary that you do not adopt anything that will hurt the home’s value. You may think over designing or decorating your home makes it look beautiful. However, the value of the home may go down due to this. Below given is a list of the decorating items that will hurt the home’s value.

decorating items that pulls down home valueGoing for a Funky and Bright Exterior Color

If you think choosing a funky and bright exterior color is cool, then it is certainly wrong. You are in fact spoiling the appearance of the house and this will naturally lead to the low value of the house. Do not copy anybody else if they have used such colors. Go for the colors that will add elegance always.

Landscaping without any Good Plan

Planting trees without a good plan will hamper the value of the house. It is necessary to decide on the area and the type of landscape that would be used by you. If this aspect is not considered, then the value of your home will go down naturally.

An out of Trend Fireplace

Fireplace have always been in trend. However, the designs have always been changing. If your house has a chic décor and the fireplace boasts a vintage design, the decorative value of your home gets reduced for sure.

Old Appliances

It is essential that you check out for the quality and the brand of the kitchen appliances. If the appliances are maintained in the right manner, then there is nothing like it. If at all old appliances are a part of your home, then it will lead to a lesser home value. Hence, the best idea is to replace them.

Using Wild colors

Liking a particular color does not mean that you can use it on your walls. Try to paint your home with neutral, soothing colors. Extra gaudy and bright colors tend to lower the value of your home as the extra hue disturbs the eyes of the onlookers.

Considering all the points mentioned above, it is important that you take time and decide the best for your home so that the value of the home can be increased. Make sure to invest in the best products and materials and enhance the value of your home.


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