Country Style Decoration – The Inexpensive Note Of Vintage

In case you want to decorate your home and add some stylish notes, choose the country style interior. It is an interior, which is simple, natural and most affordable.

A well decorated home doesn’t depend on the money you spend on it; it depends on the right accents and combination.

country style decorIn case your home is large enough, then the country style is perfect for your home. The country style is famous for its simplicity, good shapes, natural colors and harmonized décor.

Usually this is the style that is recommended for a family home, because it is comfortable and cozy. Start with the living room because it is the center of the house. In case you have a fireplace, surround it with nice vintage chairs and don’t throw away the good old fabrics. Place them on the sofa and choose some vintage rugs.

When it comes to country style, it is also about wood. Don’t forget that this is the main material; so research the market for some old wooden furniture or antiques. You can remodel and place them accordingly. For instance, the kitchen can be real country styled oasis, if you find some old shelving and place a wooden bar. The paintings on the walls also should be with wooden frames, for it is part of the entire décor.

The curtains should be in the natural palette. Use some mini curtains and let more light into the room. The typical country interior also includes lots of books; so don’t hesitate to place the old books at the vintage book shelving.

kitchen decorThe living room is the right place to do it. As for the bedroom, you can really create a comfortable area by adding some cotton fabrics and smooth rugs.

If the walls are made of stones, don’t change anything on the walls. Stone is another good material for country styled homes.  The Tuscan décor is also appropriate, for it contains lots of rustic elements and accessories.

Avoid modern gears and try to equip your home with some primitive accessories, such as night lamp, baroque designed mirror, simple painting on the wall or a chandelier placed on the kitchen plot. The kitchen sets also should be part of the country styled décor. Go for floral motifs and some earth colors like green, lemon and blue. Avoid bright, colorful combination, for they can change the idea of the country styled décor.


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