Bohemian Chic – The Stylish Décor For Your Home

The bohemian chic isn’t a décor for every house, for it is eccentric and different. Of late, this has become one of the most modern styles and it goes perfectly for small houses. The bohemian chic is a very intimate style and of course, one of the most romantic ones, compared to the other modern decorating themes.

Don’t throw away the old furniture

In case you are going to change the home décor and you have chosen the bohemian chic, don’t throw the old furniture away. The idea behind the bohemian chic as a leading type of décor is simple: eclectic pieces of furniture and mostly art.

It gives a cohesive look to the room; the secret key to this style is to find the perfect combination. Don’t decorate the entire house; decorate each room in a different style.

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Don’t give up on the old furniture’s; rather combine them with modern one. The vintage pieces are also a must-have for the bohemian chic style. The living room can be transformed into an intimate oasis, if you add your vintage sofa and place some modern bits in the room.

Use Lavish Fabrics

The scarves and the Arabian rugs are an important part. The fabrics should be lavish and smooth and the entire atmosphere should speak of freedom and relax.

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Replace the old fabrics with lavish ones – you can choose satin, Egyptian cotton and even leather in smooth tones. The colors are the main part of the bohemian chick style. Forget the simple colors, as well as the neutral palette.

Choose bright colors

Use bright but seductive colors: purple, smooth orange and dark red are the finest colors for a bohemian chick styled room. The contrast is also a must, for it creates a spacious vision of your room. In case you want some neutral tones, add them by placing some earth colors in the room.

It can be a vintage table or chair, but don’t place too much furniture in the neutral palette, for it doesn’t suit the bohemian chick décor.


Mirrors are also part of this look; so place mirrors, especially in the bedroom.


Another good thing you can do is to pay attention to your curtains. Replace them with the typical Arabian curtains, for it will add some smooth ambient in the room.

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Wallpapers and paintings

The wallpapers are recommendable, especially if they are vintage styled. Don’t hesitate to add paintings, for they are an essential part of this style. Experiment with the colors and don’t be afraid to place some eccentric furniture, for it will create an interesting look to your home.


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