A Bit Of Glam To Your Rooms Can Make Them Shine

There is something about the homes decorated in style that never goes out of fashion. A large home will always stand out because of the delicate touch of light on the displayed objects; so it’s always a good idea to add a bit of glam to make the house look fashionable.

home decor

Strong furniture colors – the type of mahogany – are meant to shine; and scarlet colored walls will only make them look even more spectacular.

Crystal vases, polished painting frames and porcelain chandeliers are all meant to reflect light and make the house look as if bathing in sunshine.

black library

The glamorous look can be achieved using the most delicate touch in combining strong colors. A black library with a polished finish surely has a sense of style to show for.

The classical glamorous look is complemented by the addition of an electrical color in the shape of a table. The glossy texture focuses the eye and brings light into the entire ensemble.

polished look

Leather marble and paint can all be combined into a décor that would conquer the eyes of the viewer. Creating a glossy look is mainly done by associating the elements that would capture the light at places where light can make the most of their qualities.

A glossy look can be created using silk or white Egyptian cotton lining and also by introducing key elements like rock crystal lamps. Chinese silk applied on cushions, or dressing up a sofa, will create the colorful shine combining tradition with boho-chic in room décor.

Mirrors, shiny wall tapestry, bronze decorations, and polished iron furniture are all elements that add a glossy touch to your home. The vintage porcelain lamps will create the exact note of shimmering delicate light that would bring it an exotic air.

grand entrance

Glossy wall paint is also a daring choice to create an amazing looking house. Marble tiles that mesmerize with their luscious finish accompany perfectly the bold colors that shine on the walls.

The gilded vintage touch in upholstery is perfect for a bedroom with an Empire style bed. Gilded details on a fireplace border, shining wooden armchairs and silk rugs are all part of creating the bold, daring beauty of a golden age.

Colors can be the key point in making a room glamorous but the delicate touch comes from those elements, that placed right would underline the glossy effect.


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