Choose Smartly Your Interior Design Colors

Pick the right colors and make an average interior look great. Pick the wrong colors and a fantastic layout will look awful. Colors are an integral part of interiors and it is vital to choose the right interior design colors to enhance the aesthetics of a place. Colors not only influence the appearance of a place but also the mood of people who happen to be around, so choose your color scheme carefully.

Different colors have different effects on the psychology of the people around. Red is a strong color and most people react strongly to it with increased energy, blood pressure and heartbeat. It favorably effects appetite and symbolizes love and passion, so it is a good color for restaurants, dining rooms and in moderation for bedrooms.

interior design colors

Orange is also a warm color but not as strong as the red. It carries all the positive energy without the adverse psychological reactions. A good choice as most shades of orange work well in family and bedrooms.

Yellows bring in light and cheer, and are the perfect interior design colors for almost all the rooms more so for dark places like hallways or corridors. Greens and blues are relaxing colors, but be careful about the shades or tints you choose. Some of them can be quite depressing.

Violet is a color full of life, though some adults may not be comfortable with it. Kids absolutely love violets, so a good choice for their spaces. Plus some tints of violet and rose are hot favorites with adults and are the interior design colors quite soothing to the eye.

You can pick your own colors and play with them or you can pick up color schemes to enhance your interior design colors. A color scheme would mean that you normally need three colors, a dark, a medium and a light.

interior design color

The light color is for the big spaces of the walls. The medium shade would be perfect for windows and larger furniture. The accessories, trims and accents would be great in the darker shades. This scheme can be successfully tried with complimentary colors or even with a monochromatic palette. The effect with monochromatic shades can be very soothing and the one with complimentary colors can be creatively done to look very attractive.

Even seemingly non compatible colors can work well together if you take care of the textures. A royal blue and cream may not sound like an attractive combination, but try it with a smooth satiny texture for the blue and a textured cream would look great as the textured surface will take away the boldness of the satiny blue.

Choose your interior design colors with care and let them reflect the person you are. The right color schemes and combinations can do wonders for any home.


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