Add A Little Vintage Touch To Your Bedroom

A bedroom is the most important room in one’s home. Usually the bedroom’s style differs from the main style of the house and this is a very good thing. You can create your room into a vintage oasis and add some elegance and style. Vintage look isn’t that easy to achieve.

In case you are not going to use the help of a designer, research well before starting the decoration.

vintage decor

At first not every bedroom is proper to be turned into a vintage area. Typically the big bedrooms are very appropriate for this style. Therefore, in case your bedroom is large enough, go for vintage decoration.

Perhaps you remember Sex and the city heroine Carey Bradshaw? Her bedroom was all about vintage look. The place wasn’t that big, but it was made to represent a real class of the 50s. It is easy to be created, just start with the colors.

vintage bedroom

Go for pastel colors, they are synonyms for vintage look. A white wicker chair is also part of this special look, so find the right chair for you. Of course it can be also an antique chair, decorated in black, in order to create contrast with the pastel colors of your walls.

Get some nice duvet covers as usually they are decorated with flower items, this will also refresh the entire vision of the space. The candles and the chandeliers are an absolute must for a vintage bedroom. The bed plays a central role in the room. Get some massive bed, not only because it will be more comfortable, but it is also because of the solid look. Go for wooden bed frames, preferably the dark frames are the best.

Don’t buy some modern beds; they are made with simple frames in order to recreate some simplicity. Seek typical old beds, which add some warmness in the space.

vintage decor bedroom

Decorate the walls with black and white photographs. You can find some original photos at the flea market. The floral items are also good idea. In case you are inspired by the French bedrooms, you will need floral itemed fabrics, pink furniture and of course long white curtains.

Fabrics are also an important part of the vintage look. Try to avoid the stereotypical black and white fabrics, instead go for pink lace and some other lavish fabrics. Violet is also very proper color, so don’t hesitate to put some transparent violent curtains. Mirrors should be large and placed next to the bed, in order to achieve a more romantic look.


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