Choose Blue To Set A Natural Mood

blue roomThe color blue is very popular; in fact it is the world’s favorite.

In nature it is the sky and the sea so therefore can be found quite often in a bathroom.

The meaning of blue can vary from relaxing and invigorating to loyalty and productivity.

There are so many hues and tones that most people can find a blue that they like and that they can easily wear. This is exactly the same when decorating your home.

Despite the expression, feeling blue, it has been confirmed by scientists that people are more productive if they work in blue surroundings. A lot of sports teams have blue colors too.

The main thing is what it means to you, and this is very important when decorating your home as it should be a reflection of your personality. Look around you and find inspiration, what shade of blue can you live with and what effect will have on the space that you have chosen.

Many major companies have blue in their logo or brand which tends to lead you to believe that it can be quite effective if used well. All colors have warm and cooler tones and blue is no exception. If you are not sure how to tell just think about what it makes you feel like, then you will know the answer.

Mixing different tones of blue can work very well for interiors and makes it easier for anyone new to home interior decorating. However always be guided by what you like and do not worry about what the neighbors say.


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