Do It Yourself Wall Repair

wall repairThe task of having to repair a hole or damage to your walls can sometimes be daunting.

Your last resort would be to replace the wall. That can be a big job and it could be expensive.

Wall repair can be a simple process when you break them down into steps.

Preparation and purchasing the right repair supplies is the key to doing a good repair job. Repairing something that looks hard to fix, can actually turn into a fun and easy experience for you.

Watching a “how to” repair walls video will help. You can also get a lot of information about wall repair online, or at your local library.

Large Holes

A large hole in your drywall is the last thing you will want to see, but accidents can happen. The first step to repairing a large hole is to clean the excess drywall, dirt, and debris around and in the drywall hole.

Next, you will apply joint compound into the hole making sure to smooth it out to be even with the rest of the wall.

Joint compound comes in several different brands and drying times. After you apply the joint compound, you will need to tape over the hole with paper or fiber tape.

You will want to put a second layer of joint compound over the tape and smooth out with a trowel or something that has a straight edge. Sanding the joint compound would be your next step.

You need to sand it down to where it is completely smooth with the rest of the wall. Raised areas or bumps can be seen on the wall if you do not make sure the wall is very smooth. Let everything dry and then paint.

Mold Damaged Walls

This kind of damage to your walls can be dangerous to your health. You will need to take precautions when removing and fixing this type of wall problem. Make sure that you wear a mask that will not let the spores of the mold come through.

Protective clothing and gloves are also a good idea. Wetting the affected mold area before removal will keep mold spores from spreading. The area that you are working in needs to have proper ventilation.

Remove the mold with an old rag or scrub brush and a mixture of bleach and water. You should never mix bleach with other chemicals because it can cause toxic fumes.

Put the small pieces of drywall and mold that may come off along with the rag into a trash bag and properly dispose of them. Let dry and apply a thin coat of dry wall compound. Smooth this out and paint. [Dry Wall Repair]

Paneled Walls

Paneled walls that have scratches can look awful in your home.  Repairing this problem is not hard to do and it only takes a few minutes.

You can use a putty stick to fill in the small scratches and then paint with a matching color to your wall. Larger scratches can be sanded if the wall panel is real wood and then painted in its original color.

Repairing walls can take a little time out of your day but repairing them will make your home look wonderful.


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