Can Color Really Define You Or Is It Just A Myth?

There are certain myths in home decorating, which do not allow the combination of colors, even if they are our favorite ones. Till now we were thinking that dark colors tend to make the room appear smaller.

dark colorsThat isn’t so! There are ways to avoid it, if you combine darker colors with white accents on the walls or on the floors. This way you are going to receive a perfect contrast, which will make the room look bigger.

neutralsA lot of people avoid neutral colors, because they think the neutral palette is boring and limited. This is also a myth, which could be avoided if you take a look at other colors, which might fit very well to your neutral walls.

strong colorsThese are gray, brown, blue and even pink. Using strong colors for home decoration was also a taboo. Now you can use bold colors as red, chocolate brown and cobalt blue without any worry.

pale colorsAll you need to do is to find the right colors that match them and you will see that the bold look could be sophisticated and classy. Don’t forget to play with the colors in order to find the perfect match. Home decoration doesn’t have any restrictions, when it comes to an artistic décor.


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