Blackboard Paint for Crafty Home Décor

Blackboard paint is the latest buzz in home interiors world. It has a very modern and chic look. The matte black looks modern and it is a very functional décor trend.

All one needs is a little primer on the wall or surface chosen and black board paint to paint with… and you have one creative piece of décor ready.

Crafty Home DecorationIt is a great idea because it fits any space that you may have to spare, as big or as small as you want it to be.

It can be a part of any room in the house and if you have no space for it, use it right behind a door to make yourself a life size notice board.

The black board paint can be used innovatively to create your own personal wall décor or utility item.

One of the best rooms would be the kitchen, as the family spends a lot of time there.

You could paint the place behind your stove or even the back of an open shelf. If you have young kids who love to scribble, the cabinets would be an ideal surface. The kids can enjoy themselves even as you potter around the kitchen.

These surfaces can be used to put up to-do-lists, reminders, greetings or even messages for the other members in the family. An innovative use would be to use them to write down recipes when you make that special dinner for guests.

The black board paint can be used to make labels too. Paint little tags on jars or bottles and chalk down the contents. When empty, wipe the little label and it will be ready to hold the identity of the next contents.

Do remember to use a suitable primer on the surface whenever required. Read the directions on the paint tin, before starting. In most cases you may need more than one coat and you need to wait for 3-4 hours between coats. When ready, all you need is plenty of chalk and a damp rag to wipe it off.


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