Making a More Practical Laundry Room

The laundry room is not a mandatory part of every home, but it certainly represents a significant convenience. If you’ve always wanted to have such a room but don’t have enough space, you can opt for a compromise – you can turn any free space into a laundry room.

laundry roomIf you have a free small room, it is a perfect one for a laundry room. You can put a bunch of useful things – a place for ironing the clothes, a place for distribution of clothes, even a small workshop for cleaning and repairing.

All these elements will make easier the unpleasant work around the laundry.

The first thing you should consider as very important is to create a comfortable and functional laundry room. Whether you think that part of the housework is a pleasant one or not, it is an unavoidable element of the household chores.

So if you cannot avoid, at least, make it more enjoyable. Create a laundry room where your organizational skills will be much easier to work, use bright colors that create a positive mood and make sure the workplace is well lit (when possible).

A convenient distribution is the key secret to any smartly organized laundry room. Place all the accessories and gadgets you will need in a certain order. Place the machine dryer on a low stable stand and place more stands above.

There you will place all the things you need such as fabric softeners, washing products and other laundry room must-haves.

This idea is especially suitable for front-loading washing machines because it makes it more ergonomic to use – the door of the machine moves higher, reducing the need for bending.

In case you want to make the laundry room more organized, you can put in a compact cabinet with shelves on which you can arrange several identical woven baskets. They will accommodate a significant number of things in the room and simultaneously will create a beautiful decoration. In order to make the organizing easier, you can label each basket, so you can distribute everything right.

Use every inch of the available space. For example, it is nice to have a place to put dirty clothes, one where to fold them after washing, a place to fold the clothes you need to repair (by hand or sewing machine), as well as a place for ironing and so on.

This will create an organized place that will save time and effort. Don’t forget to make a small bench near the window. It will be a corner to rest, when you have too much work to do.


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